Treat yourself to something new and different from White’s Cartomizer Outlet. 

Introducing the award-winning Edge Pro vaping device. Why did Edge Pro beat the competition at the Vape Expo show this year? It was judged to be the best rapid release coil and easiest vape device to refill. This is not to mention its long-lasting 1500mAh battery life and stylish look.

If you are new to vaping and using e-liquids, this device is a good starting point. Edge Pro has an external filling port for clean and quick refilling and you’ll be able to change your coils without ever opening your tank.

You can get an Edge Pro starter kit for only £17.99! (RRP £25)
Included is the battery, coil, USB charging cable and manual.



Special offer £2.99 each or 4 for £10

OUR premium E-liquid is manufactured right here in the UK using the finest ingredients sourced from within the E.U.


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White's Cartomizer Outlet offers the very best quality vape products. All our eliquid is made with care in the UK only using premium pharma grade nicotine and many of our flavourings are sourced from natural extractions. Most of our electronic cigarette e liquid is also available in 10ml bottles that are the perfect refills for our carefully sourced range of premium tank electronic cigarettes.

Our electronic cigarette refills are designed to not only last longer but also deliver significantly more flavoursome vapour.

Our e liquid is very competitively priced but it is by no means a cheap e-liquid as far as quality goes. White's Cartomizer Outlets flavour filled bottles produce oodles of vapour and will keep your taste buds tingling even after you have exhaled and with more and more flavours being developed all the time there is always a new e liquid to try.