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We think White’s Cartomizer Outlet e-cig refills and e-liquids are some of the best tasting available. We believe in giving people choice as well as a great experience. We carry five very different but equally satisfying tobacco blends and a selection of mint and fruit flavours and to keep us innovating we release a new flavour each month. So you are bound to find your flavour.

Here at White's Cartomizer Outlet, we go out of our way to source the best e-liquid using the finest tobacco blends from around the world. These ingredients create the great taste that we are known for.

Our cartomizer is engineered to last longer than any other. We spent a long time testing the best quality products and once we found the right one, we made it even better. We sell a selection of different blends of organic tobacco, a fantastically authentic menthol tobacco flavour and many more delicious treats.

The Extraction Process

The Process Elites Skycig Fit Cartomizers

Hand picked tobacco leaves from over the world are selected based on their size and coloration to ensure the maximum flavour yield for our electronic cigarettes.

The leaves are then shredded and mashed into a pulp. This breaks them down and mechanically opens the cell membranes of the tobacco leaves.

The shredded tobacco leaves and then left to stew. This process liquifies the molecules and produces a soup-like liquid, bursting with smoky aroma.

This is when the cleansing process begins. The extract is filtered twice to ensure the purity of the flavoured liquid. This removes all the leaf matter and leaves (excuse the pun) behind only the most authentic pure flavour elements of the tobacco. This is then added to the glycerol base and a few secret (but safe) ingredients are added to compliment each of our flavours and create a smoke like water vapour.

Pharmaceutical grade nicotine is used to ensure that the finished product is the cleanest source of nicotine possible.

The e-liquid is then injected into our specially engineered cartomizers that contain our unique alloy heating coil. The coil heats to the optimum temperature to ensure maximum vapour production and cartomizer longevity. Our cartomizers refills work well with a range of batteries and variable voltage battery units. So no matter your e-cigarette battery we have a cartomizer for you.