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White's Cartomizer Outlet formed in March 2013 on a decision to provide both affordability and quality electronic cigarette refills and vape products to the UK.

Our desire for quality resulted in us sourcing the best products we could find. Where we can control every part of production and offer great control over most other imported e-liquids. Our refills are jam packed full of good quality E-liquid from some of the finest chemists that the world has to offer.

Being great flavour lovers, we made it our duty to innovate and provide new flavours for your e cigarettes vape. We believe is choice and with so many people stuck vaping the traditional tobacco and menthol flavours of there e cigarette brand, we launched with just 6 flavours. Five of them were tobacco and one menthol Crazy eh? but we did it. It was a bold move with so much choice available but we wanted people to find the tobacco flavour they liked from our natural extract tobacco blends. We wanted to show people what vaping can really be like not just the chemically tasting resemblance to tobacco they were using. With a choice of lots of very different tobacco bursting flavours, everyone could find their flavour. And menthol? You ask, well everyone loves the cooling taste of menthol. Our range of tobacco flavours deliver the most authentic cigarette-like taste and experience. If you don't believe us please try our Sample Pack and see for yourself. We also post only real reviews on our website and verify that the product has been purchased above each review.

Unlike the e-cigarette companies, White's Cartomizer Outlet prices are not set in relation to the cost of a real cigarette equivalent. At White's Cartomizer Outlet we are committed to offering the best value cartomizers in the UK. There is only so much liquid that can go into a cartomizer. Everyone is filled to the brim. But our special resistance coils will mean that your White's Cartomizer Outlet refill should outlast other e -cigarette brands.

We never compromise on the quality of our products. Our cartomizers have been custom engineered by Boge Technology one of the most respected largest cartomizer refill producers in the World.


Working closely with them we brought out the new alloy heating coil engineered to heat the liquid to the perfect temperature to provide you with enough vapour but also carts that last.

We would love to hear your feedback. If you would like to get in touch, please visit our Contact Us page.

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