Edge Cartomiser Battery

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The Edge cartomisers combine with our battery unit to emulate the look and feel of real cigarettes. Together, they form an ideal starting point for those who are trying to kick the habit.

This device is a stylish electronic cigarette battery that is easy to use and long-lasting, with a powerful 280mAh battery. An LED tip illuminates when it’s in use and displays the device’s battery status.

Simply screw a cartomiser onto our Edge 280mAh battery and you’re set. With no button to activate the device, all you need to do is draw, just like a real cigarette.

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The EDGE 280mAh coloured batteries are designed to work with Edge cartomizers to create an ideal transition from cigarettes to the world of e-cigarettes, without sacrificing quality.

These batteries have a sturdy stainless-steel construction and a zero-button operation. The softly glowing red LED at the end of the device represents the satisfying light of a lit cigarette.

Measuring just 83mm x 9.2mm, these EDGE 280mAh batteries are compatible with all EDGE cartomisers and can be charged from 0-100% in less than 3.5 hours. Perfect for those looking for a compact cigarette-like experience that won’t let you down, providing you with a satisfyingly smooth vape on every draw.

Our EDGE cartomizers come in 3 great flavours; British Tobacco, USA Tobacco and Very Menthol. Simply screw the cartomiser to the battery and you’re all set.

Please note – these EDGE 280mAh cartomiser batteries use the industry standard 510 thread, though they are not suitable for legacy Socialites cartomisers.

Pack includes:
1 x 280mAh white battery with a coloured red tip

Important Information
Only use with the EDGE compatible charger.
When the battery LED flashes 10 times, this indicates the battery is low in power and it’s time for a recharge.

We recommend that you charge for a maximum of 3.5 hours. When the LED on the battery goes off, the charge cycle is complete.
Do not leave the battery to charge overnight, do not overcharge and do not leave the battery unattended when charging.

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