BBC Radio 4 Ridicules Vapers

The audience went wild when presenter Miles Jupp and guests on the NEWS QUIZ (BBC Radio 4) had a good laugh at the UK vaping culture.

The hilarity was triggered by the recent recommendation by Public Health England to provide vaping lounges in NHS hospitals. One guest comment was that the public should prove their resolve. He said, “If you want a vape machine, make vape machines the shape of a penis.” A female guest quipped, “I would just vape more!” On the subject of vaping, she noted truthfully about the size of vaping devices getting bigger and bigger. “I saw a guy on one the other day. I thought he was playing the French horn!” The panel went on to make fun of all the sweet bakery-like flavours that are so popular on the market like cherry bonbon, butterscotch cream and raspberry custard pie. “Pretty sure the Marlborough man would have turned in his grave.” (More laughter.)

With this kind of coverage on middle class, middle age Radio 4, you know that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. Current projections on the growth in popularity of e-cigs in the UK estimate that there will be as many e-cig users as tobacco smokers this year. In 2012 the number of people using e-cigs in the UK has more than tripled from 700,000 to the incredible 2.1 million today. Is it any wonder that major cigarette companies are buying up the competition. It’s like a style thing too. Whether you puff the look-alikes or vape on the “French horns”, it’s almost uncool to be seen smoking a tobacco cigarette nowadays. It’s like saying I choose to ignore the health warnings and will continue to waste my money instead of changing my nicotine habit. Maybe that’s why those enticing sweet-sounding dessert flavours are so appealing. It’s because they are different. “I used to smoke Marlborough Red, but now I’ve found blueberry is for me.” (More laughter.)

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