VIP is a popular brand of electronic cigarette and is steadily becoming a favourite amongst vapers throughout the UK.

Here at Cartomizer Outlet we offered the opportunity to buy compatible VIP refills at our fantastic money saving prices. How did you do this you ask? Well it is simple, all you had to do when using our online shop was to select 'VIP' from the drop down menu once you have chosen your flavour of choice.

For all those who use VIP electronic cigarettes you will be aware that the choice of flavours in their cartomizers are limited and their prices provide even less flexibility.

This is where Cartomizer Outlet became your solace, you could still enjoy the wide selection of our strengths and flavours for your VIP e-cig and all are available at our affordable prices. You were not limited to what you could choose for your VIP as all our flavours and strengths were available and with our constant string of imaginative new flavours, you will always have something new to tantalise those taste buds!

However, we recommend has changed;

VIP batteries and kits were a solid option and choosing our VIP compatible refills got you the best of both worlds. You were able to enjoy our fantastic cartomizers with your VIP e-cig!

Thing is - we've found something even better.

Use the code "VIPMePrima" at the checkout and get your starter kit for the unbelievable price of £14.50. Yep, that's right a pack of 5 cartomisers, a Prima battery and a Prima charger all for just £14.50. 

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As you know we are always seeking to offer you the best vaping experience. Recently, we have been made aware of a new look-a-like cartomizer. We thought our White’s product could not be bettered, however, we have run a number of blind tests and they have all come back positive. We have to admit this new product is better all round; better flavour, better throat hit and an improved battery life.

For this reason, we discontinued the White’s refills when the existing stocks ran out and we encouraged all our clients to buy the new look-a-like cartomizer.

The new product is called Prima. The Prima cartomizers come in three flavours, which you will find are the same if not better than the White’s flavours.