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VAPESTICK electronic cigarettes are widely available in the UK.

Cartomizer Outlet refills fit VAPESTICK XL and MAX electronic cigarettes perfectly. Just select 'VAPESTICK' when choosing your fitting. Please note: unfortunately we do not currently fit Classic or Design models.

Cartomizer Outlet cartomizers are a great companion for your VAPESTICK XL or MAX battery and kit. You will probably be surprised at how much richer our cartomizers taste in comparison to different refills. Just screw a Cartomizer Outlet refill onto your existing battery and enjoy the flavour and large number of puffs per cartridge. Our cartomizers are some of the best available, they are cheaper too. Whereas VAPESTICK supply just four cartridges in a pack, Cartomizer Outlet offer packs of five for roughly the same price. Cartomizer Outlet also offers a larger selection of tobacco flavours. Our refills are made in the United Kindgom with natural tobacco extracts.

VAPESTICK launched in October 2010 and is a founding member of ECITA, the European Trade Association for the Electronic Cigarette Industry. Since launching the brand has grown steadily ever since and is now the most readily available electronic cigarette in UK stores. VAPESTICK products are available at Harrods, Tesco, Costco, Makro, Argos and Londis. They have recently begun supplying conventional cartomizers (similar to Cartomizer Outlet refills) rather than the less convenient three piece systems. The quality and battery life of VAPESTICK products is usually very good, as is their customer service. Batteries are available in white, black and chrome. For more information visit their website here.

Cartomizer Outlet will fit VAPESTICK XL and MAX electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, we do not currently fit Classic or Design.

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Cartomizer Outlet will give you a more enjoyable vape with your VAPESTICK XL or MAX battery and kit.. Check out our flavours by clicking the link below.

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