Smoko are a small brand in the electronic cigarette market but are fastly becoming established and have a strong following among the vaping community.

They certainly are not one of the big players in the market however their innovative marketing and flavouring which is 'made in the UK' claims it means they hold a decent standing.

Their refills come in a good range of flavours which does make them stand out from the competitors. With our range of fantastic flavours its means we can offer compatible Smoko refills at penny saving prices.

Our Recommendation:

Switch to Prima

As you know we are always seeking to offer you the best vaping experience. Recently, we have been made aware of a new look-a-like cartomizer. We thought our White’s product could not be bettered, however, we have run a number of blind tests and they have all come back positive. We have to admit this new product is better all round; better flavour, better throat hit and an improved battery life.

The new product is called Prima. The Prima cartomizers come in three flavours, which you will find are the same if not better than the White’s flavours.

Use the code "VIPMePrima" at the checkout and get your starter kit for the unbelievable price of a £14.50. Yep, that's right a pack of 5 cartomisers, a Prima battery and a Prima charger all for just £14.50. 

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