Generate your referral link.

This is where you can generate your referral link to encourage people to shop with us. For every new customer who shops with us on your recommendation, we will give you 500 *Carto Points.

We all know what points mean! Well, OK, Carto Points don't mean prizes here but they can be converted to coupons at the checkout for you to use on your purchases with us. You can check your Carto Points balance here.

In short, each time a new customer shops with us based on your recommendation, whether it's friend, a family member or an associate we'll add 500 Carto Points to your account.

And to make the deal sweet with them we have created a special coupon** that gives them a 10% discount on their first purchase, all they need to do is use the code "first-time".

* Carto Points are not refundable and can only be used for purchases here at Cartomizer Outlet
**This coupon can only be used by new customers on their first purchase.

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How to get your link:

  • All you need to do is click "Generate Link". That's it. Unless you want to recommend a specific page or product you can leave the "Page URL" field blank.
  • You only need to use the page link if you want to share a specific product, most people just use the standard referral link.
  • When you click on any of the social media buttons this will share your link with the coupon code. You will be able to edit the text if needed.
  • Get Sharing and Get Earning Carto Points to spend on your purchases with us at Cartomizer Outlet.

If you have any questions please contact us by email here.