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Gamucci Refills.

Gamucci are one of the biggest and longest running electronic cigarette companies in the UK and are now available in the USA. Cartomizer Outlet refills are compatible with Gamucci electronic cigarettes. Just select simply select "Gamucci" when choosing your fitting on the product page, after you have selected one of our great flavours.

If you have been using Gamucci refills, Cartomizer Outlet can offer you a great selection of compatible cartomizers. Cartomizer Outlet provides a greater selection of flavours and strengths that are all made in the United Kingdom with natural extracts. This makes for a richer taste and thicker vapour.

Gamucci are a major player in the UK electronic cigarette market, frequently advertising in the London Metro. Gamucci batteries and kit perform among the best of all the electronic cigarette batteries available. They are similar in size and style to E-Lites. E-Lites refills are very similar to Gamucci refills in structure and performance. Cartomizer Outlet offers great price, long life cartomizers for your Gamucci kit from the UK. Our cartomizers come in packs of five unlike Gamucci packs (packs of three) therefore offering better value. If you are thinking of ordering your kit from Gamucci, in our experience orders are processed fast and arrive very swiftly.

Cartomizer Outlet refills are compatible with all current Gamucci kits.

We recommend:

Keep your Gamucci battery and kit but switch to Cartomizer Outlet refills. You will notice a huge improvement on the taste of refills. We will also regularly release new flavours so you will never get bored with just one flavour. You should also make a considerable saving!

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