Other Electronic Cigarette Brands We Fit


Cartomizer Outlet refills will fit all Vapouriz Gemini (Mini and Pro) products purchased after January 16th 2013. Just selectVapourizwhen choosing your fitting.

We recommend:

Use you Vapouriz battery with Cartomizer Outlet refills for better Tobacco flavour.



Cartomizer Outlet refills fit Gamucci Micro and Micro Deluxe products. Just selectGamucci” when choosing your fitting.

We recommend:

Consider other batteries that might look slightly more slick with your Cartomizer Outlet refills.



Cartomizer Outlet refills fit Nicolites Starter Kit. Just selectNicolites” when choosing your fitting.

We recommend:

Like many other electronic cigarettes, Nicolite’s batteries are pretty good but they are let down by poor quality refills. Cartomizer Outlet offer a great alternative for refills if you have a Nicolites kit.



Cartomizer Outlet refills fit NUCIG Advanced Pro 4. Just selectNucig” when choosing your fitting.

We recommend:

Nucig supply poor batteries so we would recommend looking at other brands for your kit then come back to us for the best refills.


Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette Brands

Cartomizer Outlet refills fit Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes. Just selectLifestylewhen choosing your fitting.

We recommend:

Lifestyle Electronic Cigarettes have great batteries but terrible cartomizers! Make the most of their good batteries by screwing on a flavour packed Cartomizer Outlet refill.



Cartomizer Outlet refills fit Liberro Zenith 510 (not Realis or Go). Just selectLiberrowhen choosing your fitting.

We recommend:

Use Cartomizer Outlet refills with your Liberro Zenith 510.

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