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Compatible Socialites Refills

Socialites are one of the largest brands of socialites cartomizer refillselectronic cigarette in the Country with retail outlets spreading from the north to the south of the country. This quality brand has a vast range of great electronic cigarettes.

Socialites refills currently cost £9.99 for a pack of 5 refills (3rd November 2014) and are available in 5 flavours. Cartomizer Outlet offers fantastic compatible Socialites cartomizer refills that work perfectly with your  zero batteries. Thats not all, our cartomizer refills come densely filled with premium UK made e liquid that is bursting with flavour. Made with pharmaceutical grade nicotine our compatible socialites refills are the perfect partner to your Socialites zero battery.

Cartomizer Outlet carries a full range of 15+ true tasting flavours and are designed to keep you satisfied for longer. Why not give them a try, they are only £7.95 a pack of five. If we don't stock your flavour, feel free to suggest a new flavour.

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