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e lites and their e tips are the largest electronic cigarette company in the UK.

Cartomizer Outlet refills fit e lites electronic cigarettes. Just select "e lites" when choosing your fitting.If you have been using e lites batteries and decide to try Cartomizer Outlet, we think you will be in for a great treat. Not only would you get a great product but also get a great price for it.

Cartomizer Outlet offer a great selection of flavours, strengths and a high number of puffs per cartomizer. Our cartomizers are made in the United Kingdom with natural extracts. This makes for a rich taste and thick vapour.

e lites are a major player in the UK electronic cigarette market. They have been around for a while and were the first to launch a prime-time national television advertising campaign in 2013. Their quirky advert, featuring a Gangnam Style baby dance, raised the profile of e lites and electronic cigarettes in general.


Cartomizer Outlet refills will fit all e lites batteries.


Try Cartomizer Outlet refills: You will find that you have great tasting refills and each cartomizer will last longer than most other e cigarette refills. You'll also be saving a packet! Cartomizer Outlet refills are some of the cheapest cartomizers available. Order a sample pack or try one of our kits and see the difference in our vape products.

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